Meredith Clayton Beal
Author of Victory Every Day
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Even before his days as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and editor of various newspapers and magazines, Meredith Clayton Beal has always had a passion for writing. He wrote short stories as a child and was an avid reader but it was an experience in middle school that had a profound impact on him and triggered his appetite for writing and opened the door to his career as a journalist.

The great television icon Bill Cosby paid a visit to his school, Horace Mann Junior High School in Los Angeles and Meredith’s class had an opportunity to interview him. All the students wrote a story about the encounter. Meredith’s story was selected to go into the school newspaper. That was the spark.

Meredith’s broad range of experiences since have taken him from Editor-in-Chief at industry trade and news publications to Director of Marketing at Motown Records to Global Webmaster at Dell Computer to multiple broadcast station owner. Those various roles allowed him to travel extensively.

His careers in journalism, the media and the music industry took him around the world and exposed him to the beauty and variety inherent in nature and the environment. The appreciation of that beauty is captured in Victory Every Day.

Unlike his journalistic writing in the styles of hard news and features, Victory Every Day is a free flowing, loose range of expressions and feelings Meredith shares as he reflects on dear life moments through photographs, poems, free-form prose and song lyrics.

Meredith is an award-winning broadcaster, an award-winning webmaster and has won awards for his community service activities* and even had a day proclaimed “Meredith Beal Day” by the City of Hamilton, TX, USA where one of the radio stations he owned was located**.

Meredith lives in Nairobi, Kenya and is working with media organizations in Africa to help them take advantage of technology and innovation to strengthen the media sector in order to help it fulfill its role in Africa’s development.

* 2007 Texas Broadcaster of the Year, 2009 SGI-USA American Renaissance Award recipient, 2010 SXSW Dewey Winburne Community Service Award recipient, 1999 Intranet Award of Excellence
** Hamilton City Council proclaimed September 14, 2007 Meredith Beal Day in the City of Hamilton, TX, USA.

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