About Me


Meredith Clayton Beal
Oil Painting by Heathcliff Williams


Meredith Beal, Chairman of Lasting Value Broadcasting Group, came to Africa as a Knight International Journalism Fellow assigned to the African Media Initiative (AMI) to lead a multi-country project to improve business management practices at media organizations in Africa, creating new revenue streams and developing sustainable business models that can be replicated at media organizations across the continent. He is also a former RIAS Berlin Fellow and a National Association of Broadcasters Fellow.

He also is an author with two books published in 2012. "Victory Every Day" is a collection of poems, prose, song lyrics & photos published by Treasureland Inspire Press and "Ten Tips for Managing the Migration to Digital Television," a handbook for African station managers, published by AMI and the International Center for Journalists.

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Goal & Objectives


I seek to live a creative life and generate value in as many spheres of human activity as possible.


  • To Promote friendship and dialogue as the best means to achieve a peaceful world
  • To promote innovation and technology as the best means to improve the quality of life for the most people
  • To promote re-humanization of politics and economics so that those fields better serve humanity
  • To use my imagination and creativity to the fullest to transform the world


Awards & Recognition