CNBC's Power Lunch Talks with Beal About Investment in Entertainment in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya – CNBC Africa's “Power Lunch” talks with renowned broadcaster and Sr. Technology Advisor with the African Media Initiative Meredith Beal about investment in entertainment in Africa. The African broadcast and film industry is evolving quickly, driven by demand and a need to tell the continent's story. It is however also true that the potential for investment in the sector has been often underrated. Beal joins CNBC Africa ahead of the upcoming Broadcast Film and Music Africa conference (BFMA). Beal also serves as Event Director for BFMA.

Host Bonney Tunya asked Beal if there is a such thing as the African story. Beal replied "Of course there's a such thing as the African story. The African story was the first story. We've been storytelling longer than anybody and our ability to tell a story is well developed." he says. "What we NEED to develop is the ability to translate those stories into quality content and usher them into the marketplace," he explains.

Beal also explained that in order for Africa's creative economy to grow we must deal with issues like intellectual property rights enforcement and terms of trade between countries to facilitate easier commerce between their creative communities.

Meredith Beal with CNBC Host Bonney Tunya